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One of the founding myths of Ethereum is about creating coordination games with transparent rules that can't change on you.

Gitcoin is a vessel for this founding myth, a means for the community to get to the Quadratic Lands.

As a way of evangelizing this great promise of Ethereum, we'd like to invite you to join us celebrating the great promise of Ethereum through these memes, media, & mechanisms.

1. Ethereum 4 Public Goods Comic Book

As a way of evangelizing this great promise of Ethereum, the Gitcoin core team commissioned a comic book. The storyline of this comic is the Etherum community can coming together to fight Moloch - the God of coordination failures.


2. QL Song by @songadaymann

We asked Ethereum community member @songadaymann to write a song about the founding myth of Ethereum, and how we might solve the problem of coordination.


3. Create your own Lore

With the launch of GitcoinDAO, the future of evangelizing the future of coordination is your hands.

Got an idea about how to communicate the promise of Ethereum, GitcoinDAO, or how to use coordination to get to the Quadratic Lands?

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