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Govern Gitcoin with GTC

About GTC

GTC is the governance token we’re using to decentralize Gitcoin into a DAO (GitcoinDAO) ecosystem, collectively working to fund the next generation of public goods.

GitcoinDAO aims to be the best place to collectively build and fund our digital infrastructure. With our ecosystem partners, we want to help create the biggest and boldest experiments in open source, and double down on what works. We are:

  1. building a community that cares about public goods
  2. designing & launching experiments
  3. supporting & scaling them
  4. collectively governing them

In order to facilitate this, we are working with the community to build GitcoinDAO—the decentralized organization building the vessel to the Quadratic Lands: a better world for public goods and digital democracy.

Holders of the token will help guide Gitcoin’s direction as we move from a partially centralized Web2.5 platform to a completely decentralized protocol. Our first step is turning over governance of Gitcoin Grants to community stewards, but over time increasingly more decisions will be left entirely in the community’s hands.

Want to get involved in governance? Join a workstream here!

How it Works

The Gitcoin governance ecosystem is built around GTC, which leverages a COMP/UNI style governance that makes on-chain voting, snapshot voting and community led governance possible. At its base layer, GTC is a standard ERC20-style token with a 100mm supply. 50% of the token supply has been allocated to those who have provided value to the ecosystem in the past (community members, investors and the existing team), and 50% will be unlocked for the community to manage in the future.

At launch, GitcoinDAO has an even split between past Gitcoin builders and participants, and future ones. The tokens reserved for future builders will be held in treasury, governed by community stewards and then ultimately the DAO.

GTC has NO economic value, it is a governance token only. It’s contract address is 0xDe30da39c46104798bB5aA3fe8B9e0e1F348163F.

Token Info

Amount 100mm tokens
Retroactive distribution date 5/25/21
Near term Govern Gitcoin Grants
Medium term Identity & Reputation
Long term Decentralized Protocol


We have had the support of some of the best in the space to bring this roadmap to life.

Epoch 1


GTC is launched

Epoch 2

#Short Term

GitcoinDAO workstreams take shape

Epoch 3

#Medium Term

Implementation of ideas from workstreams

Community led proposals to solve Sybil

Community led decentralization of Gitcoin Grants

Epoch 4

#Medium-Long Term

Continue growing an amazing community for experiments in open source funding

Epoch 5

#Long Term

Become the best place to collectively build and fund our digital infrastructure

Meme the Quadratic Lands into existence

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