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With the launch of GTC, we are embarking on our second chapter: to build a DAO of DAOs, funding the future of the open web.

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Gitcoin’s token is here

GTC is a governance token with no economic value.

GTC governs Gitcoin, where we work to decentralize grants, manage disputes, and govern the treasury. With your help, we’re accelerating progress towards the mission of building & funding digital public goods and decentralizing from web2 to web3. Let’s see what this thing can do.

GTC is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet at 0xde30da39c46104798bb5aa3fe8b9e0e1f348163f.


We’re in this together

We believe that Gitcoin’s future is a community-centric, self-governing DAO that generates funding for public goods. GTC is the first step on our path towards progressive decentralization of Gitcoin. Each voice in the community has the power to shape our future.

#Quadratic Voting

Where you’ll always have a voice

Quadratic Funding (QF) is the mathematically optimal way to fund public goods in a democratic community because it prohibits whales and central power brokers from controlling the ecosystem. This distributes power back to each community member.

Similarly, Quadratic Voting (QV) is an optimal mechanism for democratic governance. Implementing QV for governance is a proposed milestone on Gitcoin’s decentralization timeline.

#Information Age

Powering Public Goods in the Information Age

Open Source Software is a public good. Its funding is one of the information age’s most critical, yet unsolved coordination problems. It is in Gitcoin's DNA to build & fund the open web, and we are committed to solving this problem. We aspire to demonstrate a sustainable & decentralized model for building public goods.

#Earn your first Tokens

Welcome to the Quadratic Lands

Complete your first mission, “Proof of Knowledge,” to git your distribution of GTC.

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