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Get Involved in building GitcoinDAO

GitcoinDAO aims to be the best place to collectively build and fund our digital infrastructure.

With our ecosystem partners, we want to help create the biggest and boldest experiments in open source, and double down on what works. We are:
  1. building a community that cares about public goods
  2. designing & launching experiments
  3. supporting & scaling them
  4. collectively governing them

In order to facilitate this, we are working with the community to find stewards who have the mastery, autonomy, and purpose to create GitcoinDAO—the decentralized organization building the vessel to the Quadratic Lands: a better world for public goods and digital democracy.

The time commitment for each workstream is 3-5 hours / quarter to stay in the know (join discord, attend monthly call), and variable based on what side-quests you complete.

Why get involved?

  1. Meet some of the best web3 community members & level up your skills.
  2. Work on something meaningful.
  3. Do something good for web3.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Choose a workstream that best fits your interests (these will expand over time)
  2. Git your bearings by showing up to monthly meetings and connecting with community members who share the same goals.
  3. Check out some of the existing workstream problems / choose your own.
  4. Start working with the DAO and get rewarded for your efforts.

Available Workstreams

#WorkstreamPublic Goods Funding

This workgroup focuses on finding ways to govern and grow funding for public goods. Help rally the community around funding our collective infrastructure, define key details of matching rounds, and help us find new categories of public goods we might have missed!

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Gitcoin Grants - our first mature product - is built on quadratic funding, which depends on strong sybil/collusion resistance. Some of the top developers and data scientists in the ecosystem are working together to build better tooling around identity (e.g. DIDs), collusion detection, and more. Join them!

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#WorkstreamProgressive Decentralization

We’re committed to building and funding the open web and part of that process is decentralizing Gitcoin itself. Team up with community stewards creating GitcoinDAO, a community-built, decentralized, credibly-neutral, web-scale organization.

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#WorkstreamSpecial Projects / Gitcoin Labs

Build the change you want to see in the world. Share exciting new prototypes you’ve been working on around funding public goods, and find ways to plug them into the Gitcoin ecosystem.

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#WorkstreamPropose your own

Any community member can be a workstream driver. To learn how, checkout some of the workstreams already proposed on Discourse!

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