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Sybil Defenders

Workstream Driver: Jessica Zartler + Mike Zargam

Gitcoin Grants is one of the largest community funding mechanisms in the Ethereum ecosystem, delivering millions/quarter to builders of digital public goods. It’s also the first real world implementation of quadratic funding, a democratic mechanism that’s built on the assumption of sybil/collusion/fraud resistance.

This working group will dive deep to solve these unsolved research issues, with the goal of keeping the Gitcoin Grants fraud tax down while maintaining Gitcoin’s legitimacy.

Example Quests:

  • Support ecosystem efforts to create sybil resistance, and research the current state of public research
  • Analyze Gitcoin Grants data and design policy proposals to prevent collusion
  • Develop decentralized identity and other ecosystem tools that leverage GTC, raising the cost to attack QF or stopping it entirely without the negative consequences of big-tech
  • Get Involved on Discourse
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