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Public Goods Funding

Workstream Driver: Scott Moore + Ken Ng + Yalor Tackson

Where would we be without open source software? Public Goods (like Open Source Software) create a ton of value for the world. Our digital infrastructure needs better funding models, and we believe that the crypto community can help.

This workgroup will be focused on finding ways to fund public goods.

Example Quests:

  • Help meme “Public Goods” into mainstream consciousness, convince people that these coordination problems ARE solvable, and spin the Belief => Participation => Momentum flywheel.
  • Manage the Gitcoin Grants funding pool by governing round sizes, themes, and parameters.
  • Create policy regarding what is/is not an acceptable grant, and what actions are considered attacks on QF
  • Design a process for deciding what kinds of public goods we should fund
  • Help us decide on what a fair dispute resolution process for grants might look like
  • Propose grant discoverability solutions using staking and other ideas in mechanism design
  • Get Involved on Discourse
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