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Public Goods Funding Sybil Defenders Progressive Decentralization Special Projects / Gitcoin Labs

Special Projects / Gitcoin Labs

Workstream Driver: Austin Griffith and Kevin Owocki

We now have the internet of money; and we can program our values into our money. And we value public goods, so we are going to build programmable money experiments to create public goods awareness and to fund public goods. If you are a builder or creator who wants to meme for the public good or build for the public good, this workstream is for you.

Example Quests:

  • Create experiments for funding public goods (eg: NFTs for public goods, Gitcoin.dance)
  • Help build prototypes of ideas that plug into new Gitcoin tools like our Proof of Personhood Passport
  • Build auxiliary tools to support our mission (quadraticvote.co, wtfisqf.com)
  • Embrace, partner with & support other QF protocols (CLRFund, Build Guild), and other public goods funding mechanisms (Radicle)
  • Get Involved on Discourse
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